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What Self Love Really Means

The Manifestation Mama

With Katrina Wu

Sometimes it takes a major rock bottom moment for us to know in our souls that we need to change. My guest, Kelsea, shares her turning point of realizing that she had to shed her identity and create a new one to live the life she knew she was meant to live.


When we begin to do deep emotional work, and we relive a challenge or experience we have been faced with in the past, we are then able to view it from a different and self-empowered perspective. Kelsea gives some great ways to reframe the mind when it comes to the topic of radical self-love.

Kelsea Koenreich is a powerful speaker and mentor for business owners. She has over 10 years of coaching experience and has been an entrepreneur since 2011. She has the gift of inspiring others to see their potential so they step into their power and live their true purpose.

From nightly binge-drinking and three arrests to author, speaker, successful entrepreneur, wife and mom of 3, her story is proof of what is possible for women. She brings a unique perspective that allows people to move faster, recreate who they desire to be and become the most successful version of themselves.

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