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(Couples Conversations) Kelsea & Eric: Making The Hard Business Decisions to Put Their Family First

The #PRETTYAWKWARD Entrepreneur Podcast

With Megan Yelaney

This week's special segment Couples Conversations is back with an INCREDIBLE interview with Kelsea & Eric Koenreich.


This conversation really inspired Mike and I, and reminded us HOW important prioritizing your relationship is, especially while in the midst of entrepreneurship.

They share so vulnerably, walking us through the many different business ventures that had to be paused or discontinued (for now, at least!) to really focus on what was most important: their growing family.

“Your success is measured by the quality of your life” is something Kelsea has said to me many times in our private conversations, and boy is that the theme of this episode.

If you’re an entrepreneur, this episode is going to inspire you.

If you’re married AND an entrepreneur, it’s going to rock you.

And if you’re married, an entrepreneur AND have kids? WOOF. It’s going to change you.

Thanks as always for listening.


Kelsea Koenreich is a powerful speaker and mentor for business owners. She has over 10 years of coaching experience and has been an entrepreneur since 2011. She has the gift of inspiring others to see their potential so they step into their power and live their true purpose.


From nightly binge-drinking and three arrests to author, speaker, successful entrepreneur, wife and mom of 3, her story is proof of what is possible for women. She brings a unique perspective that allows people to move faster, recreate who they desire to be and become the most successful version of themselves.


Eric Koenreich is a forty year old father of three that’s been around the block and then some.  He’s been working in and around the fitness industry since the 2000s while dabbling in all sorts of stuff - Powerlifting, bodybuilding, endurance training, Brazilian Jiujitsu, and even professional wrestling.  He’s been morbidly obese at 310 pounds and has also stepped on a bodybuilding stage at 170 pounds.  He’s battled Binge Eating Disorder and won and has helped hundreds of people get stronger, improve their body composition, and improve their overall quality of life.  In the past five years he’s grown a large social media following by posting junk food (Seriously.)


He never thought what he did was anything special, but so many people seem to be confused as to how to balance their fitness goals with their regular life so he’s really found his niche.  Guys like him with sub-par genetics and busy lives, looking to buck the trend of letting themselves go as they get older.  He wants his Tired Dads to age like fine wine!

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