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CEO PowHER Hour is a community for business leaders to build relationships and inspire growth to make a significant impact in their career without sacrificing themselves or their relationships.






Your business can’t be the only fulfilling part of your life, you need a network of friends who understand the constant pressure of being an industry-leader.

Established leaders are constantly on the go, never wanting to miss an opportunity to grow. If you want to continue to make a greater impact, you need a network of women behind you.

Too many successful women are…


Burnt out, stressed and exhausted, trying to figure everything out on their own and hold everything together.


Looking for women to connect with that really understand the challenges of being a woman in business.


Held back by the day to day responsibilities with no space to breathe or fill up their personal cups.


Feeling alone at the top, running a successful business but really wanting a network of women to stand beside as they continue to rise.


Missing out on the joy of connecting with like-minded women out of fear, knowing that the next step for growth is a bigger community and more connections.

You need real friendships that understand you and conversations that bring clarity and inspiration.
CEO PowHER Hour gives it to you.

"I have made friends, created business collaborations and had so many breakthroughs during the conversations. This is the perfect community for women leaders."


A community of real women in business wanting to build real relationships that go beyond a boring business card exchange. We lead meetings and events that create intentional connections for women business owners to collaborate. All of the meetings give you the opportunity to build a bigger network, promote your business and have real conversations with women who get it.


What you get inside CEO PowHER Hour…


Monthly Round Table led by Kelsea where you bring an idea, obstacle or question for your business, leadership or life and walk away with action steps to implement, and clarity on how to move forward.


Coffee Chat Corrals to network, gain ideas for expansion, talk about your business, and build real relationships with the other women.


Happy Hour Huddles with inspiring topics and activities to further your leadership, create a bigger network and build referral partners.


CEO PowHER Hour Online Portal to connect between meetings, ask questions, build friendships and gain clarity from the other women in the community.


Hi, I'm Kelsea Koenreich.

In my early-twenties living in Sarasota, Florida, I had no structure, direction, or intention. I just did whatever made sense that day. 


I desperately wanted attention, love, and partnership, but I didn’t know how to find it. I was really lonely. And so I numbed my emotions with drinking and partying.


On one particularly rough night, I got arrested for the 3rd time. I woke up in the medical unit. I looked in the mirror and for the first time took ownership for being where I was.


I decided I wanted to live. Really live.


So I started searching for a purpose instead of merely showing up. I was able to meet my soulmate, start a family and start using my lessons to help other people.


In time I realized that in order to make an impact in the world, I had to live with intention.


And so when I launched my business I set standards that aligned with who I wanted to be. I’m equally protective of my business and my family, and I don’t believe that in order to be successful in one area of life, you have to sacrifice the rest.


Since then I’ve been helping established business leaders make a significant impact in their career without sacrificing themselves or their relationships.

Joining CEO PowHER Hour is simple:


Fill out our application to make sure you are a good fit


Check your email for an exclusive invitation to join


Link arms with our community of powerful women and make real connections and friendships


The best, most successful businesses are built not just because they solve a problem and fill a gap.

They thrive because of the relationships and network of people who stand beside them. As the CEO, the best thing you can do is build those relationships.


It’s easy to lose yourself in your business and without real friendships, life just doesn’t feel as good.The most important thing you can do for your business is be in the room with people who understand you, want to know you and truly care about your success.


And that’s why CEO PowHER Hour helps you to create a great impact with your business alongside a bigger network of powerful women just like you.


The happier and more fulfilled you are, the better you lead and the more you grow.

Got Questions? We've got answers.

What are the requirements to join?


  • You must be a woman who owns and operates your own businesses. 

  • At least one year in operation.

  • Have experience with or are currently leading a team.

  • Hold a leadership position within your organization, such as CEO, president, founder, or executive director. 

  • At least 3 years of industry experience.

  • Willing to be an active participant in the community and meetings.

  • Must actively contribute to the network by participating in events,  and sharing knowledge.


When are the meetings?


The monthly round table is the last week of the month, the other two meetings vary in the other weeks to accommodate schedules and create opportunities for everyone to attend.

What is the cost of the membership?


To join you have two options. You can pay $99/month, or you can join for the year for $999. 


Is there a place to connect outside of the meetings?


There is an online portal with a community to connect, ask questions and gain clarity.

More questions? Contact

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