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Making millions doesn't feel like an accomplishment when it adds millions of hours of work to your plate. 

Join Kelsea Koenreich for a FREE virtual workshop for established mom founders & entrepreneurs.


Learn my proven system to scale your business revenue 

without adding more hours to your calendar. 

3-Day Virtual Workshop: July 10-12th

Are you willing to spend another month, quarter or year in the same place you are right now?


Here's what you're getting inside Business Bootcamp:

DAY 1: Decision-Making Drill

The 2 things you need for clarity to make confident decisions that actually move the needle forward in your business and get rid of the constant overwhelm.

DAY 2: Operation Organization

The steps to create a 4-day work week and the structure to organize your time to stop the spin cycle that's making you miss out on moments with the people you love. 

DAY 3: Leadership Rank Upgrade

The process for how to delegate better, and what you need in place to have a team you can trust so you stop getting interrupted with every detail.

Enlist in the free business bootcamp this summer

Get the training that gives you the power and tools to make your work-life balance salute to you with a, “Ma’am, YES, Ma’am!”

3 DAYS OF BOOTCAMP:  7/10, 10am EST        7/11, 2pm EST        7/12, 2pm EST



You don’t have to be a do-it-all, Rosie the Riveter type CEO to finally have the freedom that you desire since you started your business years ago.


 With the right regime and mental push-ups, you can lift the weight of work from your

shoulders and gain back your time.

No more breaking a sweat every time you look at your full calendar.

Stepping away from your business is possible when your systems and schedule report to YOU, not the other way around.

We’ll tackle every obstacle course, from getting clear on where 

you’re spending your time to delegating tasks to your team

so you can let go and live, while still growing a profitable business. 


Roger that?


  • 7/10 10am EST

  • 7/11 2pm EST

  • 7/12 2pm EST

Can’t make it live? Don’t worry, you get free access to the replays to watch + implement alongside us, on your own time.

What My Clients Are Saying...


" I am now at the point where I am working 5.5 - 7 hours a evenings and no weekends, which feels INCREDIBLE. "

" I love all the new organization and structure you've implemented! It holds both me accountable and keeps us focused on long term goals. I really appreciate this! "

" I am more confident, less stressed and more free to accomplish what I need to

do in less time. "


Major mom fatigue, reporting

for duty.

The stretched thin, overwhelmed, attention pulled in 8 zillion directions NEEDS to come to a halt. You desperately crave relief from the constant overwhelm, but…

  • You thought you’d have more freedom by now, but finding better balance between the demands of work and motherhood seems way easier said than done.


  • You’re starting to feel more like a drill sergent in your business, rather than an empowering leader for your team.


  • And every ounce of time you do get to spend with your family, you find you have nothing left to give because you’ve depleted all of your energy into your work.


With a work-life clock ending at 24:00 —

It’s no wonder you feel like you’re in a constant state of overwhelm.

Because when you don’t have clear boundaries and routines to help you say “no” without missing a step in your business, you’ll end up spending all of your time hustling, and never any time making memories.



with Kelsea Koenreich

Learn my proven system for how to get your shit together, build a thriving team you can count on, and grow a business that works around your life.

Three day LIVE workshop: JULY 10-12

What My Clients Are Saying...


" I feel much happier! I have not felt the daily anxiety that I used to feel. Even when I am stressed out, it is not debilitating like it used to be. I feel more at peace in my life and feel very excited to start a family soon and be able to still have a successfully run business. "

"  I am more efficient in my work and in life in general. Burnout is getting further in between and our collective plan to diminish it is working with the boundaries she's helped me realize I need to have in place. "


Today I’m blessed with a wonderful family and a business that I love, working with female founders and entrepreneurs who are raising children alongside their growing businesses.


But as a young adult living in Sarasota, Florida, I had no structure, direction, or intention. I just wandered aimlessly through life without purpose. 


I desperately wanted attention, love, and partnership, but I didn’t know how to find it. I was lonely and wanted to belong. And so I numbed my emotions with drinking and partying.


On one particularly rough night in 2010, I got arrested for the 3rd time. I woke up in the medical unit at the county jail. This was the third time I’d been arrested.


I looked in the mirror, and didn’t even recognize my own reflection. I had seen my reflection every day, but this is where I first saw that I wasn’t the person I knew I could be. 


I decided I wanted to live. Really live.


I made a commitment to create change in my life.


I realized that in order to make an impact in the world, I had to live with intention, overcome my self-destructive behaviors and challenge the ingrained thoughts in my head.


I set standards that aligned with the woman I knew I was meant to be. I don’t believe that in order to be successful in one area of life, you have to sacrifice the rest.


Now I partner with established business owners to create the change they know they need for  their businesses and their leadership to give them freedom, flexibility and peace.


As a mother of 3, I know the importance of living with intention and I am devoted to providing tactical solutions to the problems we face as business owners, mothers and leaders. 


Thanks for being here.


Need some immediate relief for your overwhelm?

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