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Build Your Dream CEO Schedule + Reclaim Your Identity Outside of Your Business with Kelsea Koenreich

Scaling your business means stepping out of the day-to-day work IN your business, so you can work ON your business - and work on yourself! But how can we do that when our schedule is cluttered with meetings, constant emails and slack messages, and client delivery?


Enter my business coach, Kelsea Koenreich. In this episode, Kelsea shares the tactical and mindset shifts to reclaim your time, redefine your identity both inside and outside of your business, and what your life will look like after you implement those changes.

After living a life with no intention in her days, Kelsea went on a quest to find her true purpose and start living a life with intention. She shows clients that you don’t have to put your personal well-being or the people you love on the back burner in the pursuit of success or greater impact.


She teaches how to lead to create change through deep thought partnership and strategic business coaching to mom founders and entrepreneurs.

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