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Hi, I’m Kelsea

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Today I’m blessed with a wonderful family and a business that I love, working with female founders and entrepreneurs who are raising children alongside their growing businesses.


But as a young adult living in Sarasota, Florida, I had no structure, direction, or intention. I just wandered aimlessly through life without purpose. 


I desperately wanted attention, love, and partnership, but I didn’t know how to find it. I was lonely and wanted to belong. And so I numbed my emotions with drinking and partying.


On one particularly rough night in 2010, I got arrested for the 3rd time. I woke up in the medical unit at the county jail. This was the third time I’d been arrested.


I looked in the mirror, and didn’t even recognize my own reflection. I had seen my reflection every day, but this is where I first saw that I wasn’t the person I knew I could be. 


I decided I wanted to live. Really live.


So I went on a quest to find a bigger purpose and a reason to wake up every day.

I made a commitment to create change in my life

I was able to meet my soulmate, become a mother, and start using my lessons and expertise to help other people.


I realized that in order to make an impact in the world, I had to live with intention, overcome my self-destructive behaviors and challenge the ingrained thoughts in my head.


And so when I launched my business I set standards that aligned with the woman I knew I was meant to be. I don’t believe that in order to be successful in one area of life, you have to sacrifice the rest.


Now I partner with established business owners to create the change they know they need for  their businesses and their leadership to give them freedom, flexibility and peace.


As a mother of 3, I know the importance of living with intention and I am devoted to providing tactical solutions to the problems we face as business owners, mothers and leaders. 


If you are ready to create change and lead a business that promotes the enjoyment of your life –

you can view my services here.

Spinning around with the same problems time and time again?  Dealing with everything feeling urgent and like you are treading water?

Get a free evaluation of your current business to give you the 3 biggest changes you need to increase efficiency, sustainability and profitability for more freedom and flexibility. 

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